Jabra motion UC headset Jabra Bluetooth Headset First to Support OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe Feature

The Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset Enables an easier and faster transition from one device to another without losing connection or switching headsets

The OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature allows the user, with a simple swipe, to move their voice conversations from an office phone or laptop to a mobile device and back again, making the user truly mobile.

Jabra and Siemens have integrated Jabra headsets and mobile devices into the OpenScape platform so customers can be sure that their unified communication solution delivers the optimal sound quality, and offers the opportunity for a faster user adoption and easier deployment.

Now mobile workers, moving from the office to the car, will not have to interrupt their call to change device.

Featuring the latest and intelligent motion technology, the Jabra Motion UC allows users to communicate easily, both in the office and on the go. The built-in motion sensors react to even the slightest movements, adjusting the volume to the surroundings and enabling an intuitive call control by automatically answering the call when the device is picked up.

In March of 2013, OpenScape Mobile and the Jabra Motion UC headset were both nominated finalists for the “Best of Enterprise Connect Award 2013”.

Check your phone system’s compatibility with Jabra Headsets at:  http://www.jabra.com/headsets-and-speakerphones/compatibilityguide