The Jetlun Intelligent Management (JIM) platform from Jetlun is an award-winning intelligent energy management solution that provides unprecedented vision and control over residential and commercial building energy use.

The heart of the JIM platform is a Gateway which functions as a central hub, collecting and storing all energy use data. Through a simple, user-friendly graphical interface, the JIM platform provides comprehensive and accurate reporting of your energy use, carbon footprint and peak loads in several designations of precision – from whole home/building to panel circuits, all the way down to the individual outlet plug load.

Beyond merely tracking and monitoring energy use, the JIM platform allows you to actually control appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems, either manually or through scheduling or pre-defined condition-based policies.

It can also provide valuable predictive maintenance information along with reporting on failed appliances. With a few clicks of the mouse the JIM platform enables potential energy savings from 10-30 percent within 12 months.

The JIM platform is the only energy management solution that combines advanced wireless 802.15.4 ZigBee® and HomePlug® Powerline technologies, requires no additional wiring, and enables installation in minutes.

This unique hybrid network approach ensures ubiquitous coverage throughout a structure, be it a home or commercial space. Each device incorporates AES 128-bit encryption and authentication to ensure that all data is secure to the absolute highest standards available.

The JIM platform can be used as a stand-alone energy management system with its built-in web server or it can be used with the hosted myJetlun customer portal that provides instant remote access without any configuration on the router. Simply connect the Gateway to a port on your router and start taking control of your energy instantly.