Telstra International Freecall gives your business international standing by offering your customers the reassurance and opportunity to contact you in person, free of charge, if they need to.

Whether you do business online or through more traditional channels, International Freecall can be the ideal customer service tool.

International Free Call makes it easier for your business to expand overseas, without having to manage offshore offices or agents.

Telstra can support your international services with call management features such as speed and extension dialling, and call diversion to help you offer round-the-clock call handling here in Australia.

Use the optional Telstra Analyser® reporting tool to measure calls presented, answered and lost so that you can improve your customer service.

You could also use International Freecall Global 800, which lets you promote a single international freecall number around the world.

Setting up your number – International Freecall is available from 45 countries, while International Freecall Global 800 is available from 30 countries.

Calls are free for most international callers. As an International Freecall service owner, you will have a one-off connection fee and monthly rental. Each call then incurs a connection fee and per-minute charge. Rates vary for each originating country.