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Symphonia Call Recording is the intuitive easy-to-use, low cost, feature rich, call recording solution for professional organisations of all sizes.

Call recording allows you to monitor performance based on real customer interactions.

Use examples of excellent customer service as a guide to staff. Train, supervise and motivate employees for customer satisfaction improvement. Carry out performance reviews based on evidential recording.

Storing recorded calls gives you the power to resolve disputes and protect your business.

Efficient: Record only what you want to record – and find it when you need it

Simple: your own admin staff can easily deploy and change messages – no need to call your communications supplier

Flexible: customised reporting and search functions

Scalable: Unlimited users and huge call recording capacity

High Compatibility: compatible with all major IP-PBX systems and web-browsers

Reliable: designed for high availability and reliability.

Symphonia Call Recording Module Specifications

  • Symphonia Version: 4.020
  • Maximum Users: 2000
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connections: Equal to Carrier Connections
  • Carrier Connections: Primary Rate, Basic Rate and PSTN
  • Maximum Web Users: 100
  • Web Browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome
  • User Roles: Users and Administrator per feature.

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