Telstra Connect IP is a convenient, end-to-end wide area networking solution in a single package which connects your internal office networks together so they can work as if they were co-located.

It enables you to securely connect multiple business sites with reliability and ease – all for a simple monthly price per site fee.

Connect IP eliminates the need for you to source individual network components or manage multiple suppliers and vendors. You can streamline your voice, data and IT infrastructure and reduce the risk and cost of building, maintaining and managing your own wide area network (WAN). Telstra and Evotec provide the support you need, the assurance of one point of contact, and a single, all-inclusive response and restore Service Level Agreement for each of your Connect IP services.


Connect IP topology diagram












Connect IP features

Connect IP can save you from many of the traditional costs associated with building and maintaining your own office-to-office data network infrastructure.

Based on Telstra’s IP Wide Area Network (IP WAN), Connect IP gives you access to a national, fully managed network solution running over Australia’s largest fully integrated national IP network – the Telstra Next IP® and Next G® networks. This robust platform can increase network reliability and security as well as application performance, improving the way your organisation works.

Connect IP can help your business run more efficiently by supporting applications such as:

  • E-mail distribution, security and storage
  • Secure and reliable file transfer
  • Secure and cost effective Internet access
  • Distributed applications: financial reporting, stock reporting, logistics, remote learning/training
  • Scheduling and workflow management
  • Information sharing from temporary locations such as construction sites and events, or from remote locations where terrestrial coverage such as ADSL is not available
  • Business continuity via a wireless back up option
  • Future applications: voice, multimedia, integrated messaging. 

Connect IP offers you:

  • A simple, integrated approach including access, IP connectivity, on premise equipment and management overlay with value-add options
  • Network design, configuration and management
  • A single data connection to each site
  • IP virtual private network (VPN)
  • A range of network access types and speeds (64kbps –60Mbps)
  • Access from many locations in Australia, leveraging Telstra’s powerful integrated Next IP® network and the mobile broadband Next G® network
  • Access from more than 230 locations worldwide via our Global Next IP ® network
  • Mitigate risk from unplanned outages by having a wireless back up option which includes a Telstra managed router and/or switch, including on-site maintenance
  • 2Mbps secure Internet Gateway with upgrade options allowing you access to Telstra IP value add services.

Since equipment is included in the offer, there are no upfront costs associated with on premise equipment. As Telstra maintains the equipment, you can also reduce the cost of in-house management, while having service assurance levels with a single point of contact.

Connect IP provides the security and high availability of an IP virtual private network that operates over the Telstra Next IP® network. This is Telstra’s next generation fixed line network that offers unparalleled reach, scalability and advanced features like Class of Service to prioritise application traffic. Designed to provide 99.999% target reliability, it is the only Australian fixed-line network to have its core offerings certified to the international ISO 27001 standard across IP MAN, IP WAN, IP Wireless and Storage (at the time of writing).

Connect IP customers have access to online reporting on the core statistics of the IP Virtual Private Network over which your Connect IP network is deployed.

In addition, if you are a Connect IP managed customer you will gain access to network reporting on availability, latency and throughput for each of your Connect IP sites at the on-premise equipment level.

How Connect IP Works

Connect IP delivers data using Internet Protocol (IP) on a secure virtual private network (VPN) from one site to single or multiple sites on your network at the selected speed. Telstra provides the necessary access, on-premise equipment and management components to connect you to a VPN on Telstra’s IP WAN and IP MAN solutions for a simple per-site charge on a monthly fee basis.

You can choose from a range of features to suit your business needs. Based on your choices and needs we can supply the following elements to enable your Connect IP solution:

  • Network access – based on site criticality and importance you have a choice of access types and speeds. Depending upon your reliability and throughput requirements, you can choose from Ethernet, Ethernet Lite, DSL, Frame Relay and Next G® access.
  • Telstra IP Wide Area Network (IP WAN) connectivity – a secure, fully managed, Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) network based on our comprehensive and sophisticated Telstra Next IP® and Telstra Next G® networks.
  • Networking hardware – including network terminating equipment and router. Telstra also provides optional management configuration for your on premise equipment and back-up options.
  • Network monitoring tools – improves network and application performance visibility across networking and managed devices, covering your Connect IP package components including remote and on-site devices. This includes proactive device monitoring options.
  • Help desk support – a single point of contact and reference number for components of your Connect IP service 24/7.
  • Basic Telstra value add services gateway – provides you with secure connectivity to the Internet via Telstra Internet Direct. 
  • Telstra Connect IP is fully compatible with the following Telstra solutions: IP Metropolitan Area Network (IP MAN), Managed Data Networks (MDN), Remote Working Solutions, Hosted Network Security Solutions, and Telstra Next G® network mobile broadband.

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