Automotive Industry Communications and IT

Large retail sites depend modern communications to provide optimal customer satisfaction and sales support.

In the competitive automotive industry, the challenge is maintaining contact with sales staff ‘on the lot’ yet allowing them to have optimal conditions to demonstrate the product.

For all organisations involved in retailing high-value products and service, trust and good service are vital elements of a good customer relationship.

Evotec has extensive experience in implementing technology that enables retail organisations to enhance their customer service.

Our cordless telephony solutions, our VoIP solutions, our unified messaging solutions, and our Next G and BlackBerry solutions ensure that the automotive industry can provide better service to its customers, both on-demand, and pro-actively.

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Heartland Motors


Case Study: Heartland Motors

Heartland Motors is one of Sydney’s leading family-owned and operated automotive groups, with 6 car dealerships and 2 service centres, selling 12 diverse brands of vehicle. Heartland places customer service and satisfactioin is their main goal, treating each customer as if they are their only customer.

The Need:

Heartland wanted to provide a real person to promptly answer all incoming calls and transfer them to the most appropriate expert at any one of their multiple locations.

The Solution:

Cordless technology: DECT base stations and handsets allowing internal and customer contact from any location within a Heartland site.

In 2001 linking sites was achieved by using ISDN technology, which enabled free inter-site calls.
In 2007 Heartland Holden updated their data network, and carried out a hardware upgrade improving inter-site connectivity and site management.

All moves and changes are made centrally by internal IT administration and updated from a server connected to the telephone network…all with one administration tool.

Working with Evotec, Heartland continually improves their communications system with hardware upgrades and software updates to ensure they retain their edge in this highly competitive industry.

The Result:

A strong business DSL network with reliable communications platform.