Get that Telstra new phone feelingSamsung-galaxy-s4-dual-shot

From March 4 2014, you can stay at the leading edge of technology and upgrade your smartphone every year with Telstra’s New Phone Feeling.

No need to put up with an old phone. When you sign up to an eligible postpaid plan and handset combination for 24 months, for an extra $10 a month you get to:

  • Upgrade after 12 months to the latest phone (on a new 24-month handset plan)
  • Min Cost $120 in addition to plan and handset charges
  • Available on selected 24 month handset plans

Return your phone after 12 months in an undamaged and good working condition and you can get a new phone on a 24 month plan with no recontracting fees or further payments on your old phone

Please note: This offer is only available on a selected range of phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. You will be charged $10/mth for Telstra New Phone Feeling until you cancel it, upgrade your device using the offer, or when your 24 month plan ends, whichever is earlier. You need to select an eligible handset to keep Telstra New Phone Feeling after you upgrade.