Alcatel-Lucent My IC mobile for Android is a powerful application for users who have an AndroidTM SmartPhone and would like to use it as their preferred or unique business phone.

My IC Mobile for Android uses the Google Play application store to download, install, and update the application.

The My IC Mobile for Android home screen contains a user profile settings area and three tabs for Favorites, Communications and Events access.

Events: Call History Panel, Missed calls and Visual Voice Mail
From each conversation, the user can

  • Call back the caller
  • Send an email
  • Delete the message
  • Open/add the contact

For each Voice mail, the user can:

  • Listen to the message
  • Pause.

Favorites: Contact Search

The contact search engine searches contacts from the OmniPCX Office RCE directory or from any external LDAP server thanks to the UDA (Universal Directory Access). The search engine looks also in the Android local directory. The final query result is a mix of local contacts and remote company directory contacts.

Conversation: Call Control

  • Call on hold
  • Enquiry call
  • Call transfer
  • Broker call
  • Release call


Enhanced user experience – Using a tab-based presentation in idle mode and one screen per active communication, the user profits of a cross device user experience (8082 My IC Phone & smart-phone) and a rapid adaptation from one to the other

Support of Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0 – This allows a large choice of smart-phones or devices to the end user from least-cost to a more sophisticated one.

Corporate features – Company members can share their business number, enterprise grade voice services and call routing profiles among their business devices.