Symphonia Lite SMS Gateway

Symphonia-SMS-Gateway 2Symphonia Lite gives you a simple, yet powerful way to manage SMS distribution via your own mobile numbers and SIM cards.

Symphonia SMS Lite makes it easy to send low cost SMS messgaes from the browser.

Simply log-in from your browser and click on "Send SMS"

1. Then select your SMS recipient(s);

  • Add the mobile number you wish to send your SMS to
  • Swlwct the Department to send a bulk SMS 
  • Select the members of the Department you wish to send the SMS to

2. Then create your message

  • Select the default standard message 
  • Select from the list of pre-defined messages 
  • Write your own message

Click "Send" when you are done.

If you want to see when the message was sent and received and when it was read, click on the Log. 


  • Reduce costs - pay per SMS from your own SIM, no need fro external providers or extra monthly fees.
  • Simple - easy to set up and administer
  • Flexible - browser-based, with multiple users
  • Powerful - send 1000+ character messages from your own mobile numbers, accpet replies and re-direct any messages to another number
  • Scalable - simpley add moe SMS lite units to send more SMS messages
  • Upload bulk contacts with a .csv file
  • Multi-user
  • Option for users to unsubscribe from your lists 
  • Single or Bulk SMS messaging
  • Useful SMS traffic history reporting
  • Role based access control 


For a free demonstration, call Evotec on 1300 133 996.